My Workout Routine

Hi guys!! How are you doing? Happy Valentine’s day by the way, I hope you’re celebrating it with the ones you love! Today I’ve decided to share my workout routine with you to help you achieve your goals if you’re just staring or if you’d just like to mix things up 🙂 Some of you have been messaging me to ask me what you should do to get a toned body, to get abs, should you do cardio every day etc…So, this is currently what I’m doing but feel free to adapt things to your liking!



BBG abs + 20 min power walk afterwards.

At least 10,000 steps.



Liss for 40 min or HIIT for 15 min.

At least 10,000 steps.



Resistance training: arms + 20 min power walk afterwards. I don’t exactly follow BBG for arms, I mix some of the exercises and I also lift.

At least 10,000 steps.



Liss for 40 min.

At least 10,000 steps.

Cardio class at my gym (not always)



Butt workout + 20 min power walk afterwards. I’ve actually come up with my own butt workout and I don’t focus on my legs right now so leg day is actually butt day for me haha. If you want, I’ll share my butt workout in another post. Let me know 🙂

At least 10,000 steps.



Liss for 40 min or cardio class at my gym, depends on what I feel like! (because we all know that liss can easily get boring)

At least 10,000 steps.



Rest day. But I still try to walk enough.


That’s about it! I actually would like to lose a bit of muscles around my legs and thighs at the moment so that’s why I don’t have a leg day anymore but that’s only because I like it that way. If you want to build muscles in your legs then don’t skip leg day 😉 And remember, you can follow any workout plan you want but it’s important to make sure that it matches your goals! Let me know if you have any questions.

Love, Charlie.